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  • Graceland disse:

    Three cars is not enough! Honorable mentions? Here’s a few that I’ve really liked… American Graffiti’s 1932 Ford Coupe Mad Max’s Ford XB Falcon Christine’s ’58 Plymouth Fury Gor1dingel&#82f7;s 1964 Aston Martin Smokey and the Bandit’s ’77 Trans Am Ferris Bueller’s 1961 Ferrari 250 GT

  • Irene disse:

    calling MacKay and the PM liars for not telling every possible cost , right down to pilots shoelaces for the next 40 odd years . So according to his calculations , instead of the cable package i’m paying 25.00 a month to get @sunnews for the next 40 years , its going to actually cost me $12,000.00 Hmmmm. i don’t think i’m going to pay that to watch @sunnews host’s interview @sunnews host for the next 40 years . buh bye @tjebohnrohson.

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